EP2: Chainsaw Man - 80's J-Pop City Waifus - Makima, Himeno, Power

We knew that Chainsaw Man's femme fatales earned their spot amongst the waifu tier lists so we had to amplify and convey their sex appeal without being overtly sexual or lewd. In so, we took very liberal influence from the sounds and sights of the 80's and because anime is Japanese and our heritage is Japanese...it only made sense that 80's City Pop would be most fitting.
Sex Appeal: We wanted to accentuate the characters' beauty and sensuality without going over the top, so we decided that tastefully done lingerie and risque clothing was ideal especially since that resonated very well with the 80's. It was tempting, teasing, enticing and all in all, classy.
Easter Eggs: The YBSO Records publishing agency (something we hope will come to fruition). We wanted to make sure our fans and followers would be "listening" to the highest quality music so we encoded at a 320kbps LOSSLESS quality. And the 4600 yen amount. All of these motifs were seen on 80's CDs.
The kanji, well, we'll let you decipher it :) Otherwise, the fonts, titles and color schemes were all carefully selected and designed to represent each character's strengths and iconic looks. 
Our addition of our flavor text includes most of our brand's vision, mission statement and Yu's kanji.
An original by Yabai Society aka Yabai.so

be remarkable; be you
✦♥, Yuu-chan
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