EP1: Spy x Family - Costumes, Spies and Anya, Oh My!

We had a lot of fun with this Halloween Limited Edition.

There were plenty of iterations going into this for the choices for what costumes the Forger family should wear. There were some obvious choices like making Yor a classic sexy witch or something along those lines; making Anya a cute whatever; or having Loid be a Dracula or vampire. Instead, we really wanted to play on the the personalities of these characters we've come to know and love.

Anya: Mischievous, rambunctious, and overall...devilish. She's a trouble-maker at the core of it and we thought that a full-body devil would be really cute and would be the actual Anya choice.

Yor: Sexy is always the easiest answer, so we decided to do something in the middle. Yor is represented (when she's not the killer assassin) as an aloof, but earnest character so we decided to have her try her best at "costuming" with a sheet ghost. However, we understood that she obviously knew how to dress up, so her underlaying was a beautiful cobweb patterned dress with matching ghost shoes.

Loid: The master of disguise. We couldn't do something that was as easy as putting on a cape. We really though about how Loid would go all-out on his costume -- something that would really display his expertise at disguises. Alas, ZOMBIE! His make-up and prosthetic skills would be showcased and a realistic zombie would be the scariest and most believable costume.

The ghosts in the front started out as Jack-O-Lanterns but were quickly scrapped into the ghosts you see now. Both versions were good, but the ghosts were just SO much cuter.

The concept in itself was the fun part. Moving onto the color and the lighting, we knew exactly what moods and motifs we wanted to have. It was a bit tricky balancing out the dark and making sure it would look good (and print well) on our medium.

This piece took us a lot of time but we were really happy with the result and we hope you do too.

be remarkable; be you
✦♥, Yuu-chan


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