EP2: Chainsaw Man - Power, Makima, Reze

Power. There are so many things we can say about Power. We wanted to focus on her without her obvious sexualization so we focused on her...powers (and horns).

This all really rings true for all the characters in this micro-motif series. We applied the same logic to Reze and Makima and wanted to highlight key characteristics; thankfully, Chainsaw Man does a wonderful job of coordinating characters by special designs or well-thought color schemes.

For Reze, we could have went with her Bomb Demon form but opted against it when we wanted a piece that could be a stand-alone or a set and we knew that there were a lot of die-hard fans of Reze out there that would like her in whatever form we presented her. We highlighted her pose to insinuate her powers and obviously, her hair and eyes.

As a side note, hair and eyes were a key component to these pieces outside of the obvious design style which we'll get to in a bit.

For Makima, [small spoiler] her hand signals are a key component to Makima outside of her spiral eyes. So just as much as hair and eyes were a component, the way we posed the characters accentuated their unique personalities and flair.

We hope that the inspiration we used to create these pieces are obvious and we 100% thank the inspiration for such an applicable and refreshing way to represent these beautiful characters (we might be revising this style again if it's popular). This art was 100% hand-drawn as all of our art is, and we can say, after the 17th squiggly or scratch scratch mark, we wanted to scrap the idea.

The alternate arts were approached in the same way as the originals with the intent that we understood some folks out there have just a bit of chromophobia. While we easily could have taken a shortcut and applied the colored designs to black or dark apparel, we wanted to create something that made sense thematically AND technically (logistically) while maintaining the same personality and wow factor as the originals.

be remarkable; be you
✦♥, Yuu-chan
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