EP1: Spy x Family - Spy Bunch

It is a bit in the name, but also behind the design. If you're an 80's kid, you might recognize this setup. If not, it's from the Brady Bunch.

We thought about how great a family the Forgers were and wanted to bring those qualities to light in a playful and obvious (not-so-obvious) way. We took very big inspiration from the Brady Bunch's opening scene and thought it'd be really cute to see our favorite Spy family in the same design (which by the way, per Wiki, is actually coined as the Brady Bunch opening).

While we didn't have as many members, we took creative liberty to insert some meta AND include Anya and the different variations of the Forgers (civilian vs. work garb).

Also, if you notice, this also has our signature (and patented) screen-tone we love oh so much.

be remarkable; be you
✦♥, Yuu-chan
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