EP1: Spy x Family - Anya Warhol, Anya Pop

An experimental dive into color and motifs. We started with the general idea that Anya looked great with her pink hair and big eyes -- really the epitome of scientific cuteness. We wanted to explore if Anya could still be cute with under different colorways so we pulled inspiration from Andy Warhol and his famous works.

While we were remembering our primary school lessons on color theory (finally being useful), we had been developing our motifs and in came more color and details. The repeating pattern (our signature and patented screen-tone) added depth and a break from the really saturated colors that were present in this piece.

Overall, we're pretty happy with how everything came out and it turns out Anya is still cute even with blue hair.

We hope you enjoy it!


be remarkable; be you

✦♥, Yuu-chan

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