OVA3: SpookySZN '23, Part One

You can't talk about Halloween without thinking about horror movies! We really wanted to push the limit of our creativity this year with re-imaginings of classic horror movies we all [should] know and love. 

It's one thing to create horror movie posters and another to apply anime to them and then a whole other story when it comes to creating anime horror movie posters that actually make sense thematically. All of the movie posters take extremely liberal and direct reference to the original horror movie poster source. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed creating them!

HISOKA -- Hisoka is "it:" This one immediately made sense and we definitely had other contenders to play the iconic role of Pennywise the clown but ended up with Hisoka due to his unsettling visage and even more unsettlings obsession with Gon (a child). It didn't hurt that Hisoka also looks somewhat like a clown with his uncanny white skin.

TOKYO GHOUL -- Dawn of the Dead: While zombies and other zombie animes were definitely high on the list, as well as Tokyo Ghoul being able to be applied to other horror movies, we wanted to use as many characters from the cast of Tokyo Ghoul as possible but realized it would be really noisy if applied to some type of collage or smattering of characters. We noticed Dawn of the Dead had silhouettes, negative space and enough leeway from zombies to ghouls that we knew Tokyo Ghoul would be perfect. We tried our best to incorporate the legions of zombies/ghouls and decided that a handful of detailed ghoul silhouettes would be ideal.

SHIGARAKI -- Hellraiser: This one was tricky. We aren't 100% satisfied with this in retrospect, simply because it does neither character justice. However, we couldn't think of any other characters that make more sense than Tomura Shigaraki as the cenobite, Pinhead. Shigaraki is somewhat monstrous with his hands, powers of decay, and his evolution into being the grand master of the League of Villains. His ideals and philosophies resonated so much with Pinhead's, we knew this would be a match made in Hea--Hell. The initial concepts only had Shigaraki, but we wanted to give more to the MHA fans out there and included his ex-mentor, All-For-One and some easter egg Nomu's.

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